A bit more about me

My journey with kundalini yoga

I discovered kundalini yoga in 2017, and its safe to say it's totally changed my life. Kundalini yoga is not for you if you you don't want anything in your life to change.  It is probably one of the most transformational, incredible, challenging, confronting, awakening things that you can do.   


I thought I had achieved everything I wanted in my life.  I had a good career in international development - something I had worked hard for, over 15 years.  I had a good home, a good marriage, and good friends.  I had enough money to be comfortable, I went on holiday regularly, and bought whatever I wanted.  

But I couldn't shake the niggling feeling that something was missing.  Something wasn't right. 


It started with going to work in Nepal after the earthquake for Oxfam.  I came back to London and felt like I was in the wrong place.  I ended up with burnout, exhaustion, and panic attacks.  So my doctor referred me to some Cognitive Behaviour Therapy specialists.  And there I started to learn how my mind was working and what I could do to help manage my stress and anxiety.  

I left Oxfam and got another job I loved.  During that time I continued to work on myself, my mind, increasing my mindfulness and observing my thoughts, emotions and reactions.  And I discovered kundalini yoga.  

Something clicked in that first class. I didn't know what it was, but it kept me going.  Now I realise it was that awakening of awareness in me, which had started with the CBT, but kundalini gave me more tools.  Before I knew it, I was being poked, provoked, confronted and elevated in ways I'd never been before.  

And in time, my life that I had so carefully constructed with cards started to look less stable, less shiny, less happy, less fulfilling.  In the end, and after a while of intense internal painful back and forth, and trying desperately not to; I ended up walking away from it all.  The career, the husband, the friends, the home, the money, the things.  

And quite by accident (although things are never accidental) I ended up working in yoga retreats as a chef.  And when it became clear to me that this was what I wanted, I started to invest in my training - in ayurveda, in kundalini yoga teacher training, and in getting different kinds of experience.  I thought that being a chef would be the main thing, and the yoga my side hussle. 


But the universe had other things in mind!  And along came coronavirus, which meant I couldn't work as a chef in yoga retreats, and I felt compelled to start teaching kundalini yoga.  To support others with this amazing technology, tools, techniques, and energy at a time when it's very much needed. And it is an absolute honour, privilege and pleasure to do so.  I love teaching and sharing what I am learning with kundalini yoga.  This is something I feel will continue once we do emerge from this period in time, but I am, like you, taking each day as it comes, and so lets see what life has in store for us!