Tarot and oracle card readings

Are you looking for insight, guidance, confirmation or more intuition?

Card readings offer you the opportunity to seek guidance and answers, tapping into your intuition.  You can ask the cards specific questions, or have a general check in.  

Cards may seem like a party trick but the insight, clarity, and focus they give is an incredible tool.  They are wonderful for connecting with your inner knowledge, your inner intuition and sharing with you what you already know but might be hiding from yourself.  Or they may help to confirm your own intuitive feelings.  

Card readings can be done by email, by phone, or by video.  Whatever method, it will be fully recorded for you to return to whenever you want, unless you choose for it not to be.  

Tarot cards are decks according to the traditional rider-waite tarot decks comprised of 4 suits of the minor arcana and the 22 cards of the major arcana.  Oracle decks are more varied and can feature many different spiritual or magical images with different messages according to the deck.  Tarot and oracle cards can be used together for more comprehensive readings.

Just send me an email or message with what you'd like to ask the cards (just a general sense is fine - I don't need lots of details) or if its a general check-in, and I'll respond with the reading in your preferred format.  Let me know if you have a preferance for tarot or oracle cards.

If you'd like to do the reading live by phone or zoom, we can arrange a time for this.  Readings are normally around 15-30 minutes long, depending on what you ask.  

Card readings are £10 per reading and payable once you receive the reading and are happy with it.  This can be paid in other currencies via Paypal.

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Shadow on Concrete Wall


Thanks darling, really lovely and helpful.  I'm going to sit with it a little today



That was lovely, thank you.  Made a lot of sense at to where I am and what I am creating...It was really in tune


Oh wow, thank you so much.  I have tears actually running down my face.  Everything you said is spot on and so relevant to my situation

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